Are Helloface products tested?

The Helloface Clear Face Shield is a novel product where the niche it is trying to fill, isn't covered by current standards.

Therefore, to prove the claims of Helloface transparent face masks, methods were designed and performed at The National Physical Laboratory (NPL), the UK's national measurement institute. 

NPL designed bespoke tests, to quantify the performance in test methods similar to those found in PPE standards. We are very grateful that NPL were flexible in adapting their tests to our unique product. 

1. Bespoke test methods developed to replicate EN 149 8.9.3 Inhalation Resistance, minimum performance requirements (not identical).

2. Bespoke test methods developed to replicate ISO 22609 Liquid penetration resistance, bespoke tested comparable to Type IIR masks.
Please note, NPL is not a notified body.

The Helloface Type IIR Clear Face Mask is tested to EN14683. This is the European standard for medical face masks. The Type IIR transparent mask is tested for bacterial filtration efficiency, breathability and splash resistance.