Anti Fog Spray for Glasses and Anti Fog Cleaning Cloth – The Helloface

Anti Fog Collection

The Helloface Anti-Fog collection includes an Anti-Fog Spray and Anti-Fog Cloth for glasses, face masks, goggles, helmets, lenses and more!

The Helloface anti-fogging cleaner spray comes with a FREE soft, scratch-free wipe.  Non-toxic and non-harmful, the fog-free spray has an effective formula designed to permit clarity and better vision. 

Clear vision for up to 8 hours, the unique formula allows your products to remain fog-free for up to 100 sprays.

The Helloface Anti-Fog Cloth is useable for up to 12 months, ensuring your products remain fog-free for up to 12 hours. The soft, microfibre anti-fog wipe forms a transparent micro-thin layer to prevent fogging and steaming, usable up to 300 times.

Made from high quality, soft microfibre material, our anti-fog helps leave a streak-free and scratch-free finish. Very stable and consistent, no scratch on lens after repeated use. No harmful substances proved by REACH Test, compliant with EU and USA Safety Regulations.

Both anti-fog products are mess-free, easy to use and a perfect travel-friendly size for when you need clear vision on the go.