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Our Story

Did you know that 11 million people in the UK are registered as deaf and hard-of-hearing? Relying on communication via lip reading and facial expressions is vital. Some of your friends and family may not be registered, so it's likely that actual numbers could be much higher.

In a time of uncertainty for many, wearing face masks during the Covid-19 pandemic has been tremendously debilitating for the deaf and hard-of-hearing community, those with mental health issues or learning difficulties and many industries where seeing the whole face is important. This is because face masks cause a communication barrier, making them unable to read lips, see mouth patterns or notice facial expressions which many rely on for visual cues. As a result, this leaves them more vulnerable and isolated from society. Face coverings also cause effective communication and service related problems for people in the workforce.

Even post-pandemic, some industries will continue to wear face masks including those working in the medical industry and in aviation.

Existing masks on the market are not fit for purpose, and that communication is the most overlooked and disregarded expression we have somehow lost sight of. The challenge was to build a safety first product with all the key elements to benefit those who need them the most.

We wanted to provide a solution for people who are feeling debilitated and drained due to the lack of communication through fabric face coverings. We aim to provide a way for health and safety to remain in the public shared places and workplaces with a high level of personal security and comfort.

Our solution is one of the UK's first 100% transparent, commercially produced medical face mask. It is made from recyclable materials, lightweight, and provides protection to others by blocking sprays and liquids. Designed in the UK, Helloface  masks eliminate the battle that many people face every day when trying to communicate, where fabric face masks severely limit the ability to connect. Helloface masks also have patents pending.

Pooling top designers, with support from a leading deaf charity and mentors, manufacturing has allowed us to overcome challenges in the most enthusiastic way. The end goal is always in sight of helping with the most obvious needs as paramount.

We are a customer centric brand, and by putting you first, after 100s of designs and regulatory hurdles, we are now embarking on our large production capacity and can supply across the UK. We can also help the education, hospitality, tourism and security industries to survive and thrive once again in a safe and friendly environment.

As a result of your support, more people are smiling once again (and you only need to see their faces as proof!).

Say hello with a smile from the Helloface team!



Comparison image of original Helloface clear face mask and CE marked Transparent medical face mask

Our Partners

We would like to thank our partners listed below for their support.
We are grateful that as a result of their guidance and advice, our clear face masks are reaching those who are in need of a solution.