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Anti Fog Wipe for Glasses - Reusable, Soft Lens Wipe for Glasses - Pack of 10 Anti Fogging Glasses Cleaner Wipe

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Pack of 10 Anti Fog Wipes

 Helloface's long-lasting Anti Fog Wipe is an effective, multifunction solution which prevents your glasses, goggles, face shield, helmet, camera lens and more from fogging up. 

Ensure great visibility with the Helloface Anti Fog Wipe. Designed to protect your vision, this anti fog wipe prevents your products from fogging up to ensure your greatest visibility and transparency.

The Helloface microfibre Anti Fog cloth is extremely soft, scratch-free and safety tested to prevent the formation of fogging. Anti fog effect lasts up to 12 hours, ensuring a full day of great visibility. 


  • Useable for up to 12 months.
  • Works on standard and multi-coated lenses.
  • Great for hydrophilic and hydrophobic materials
  • Up to 300 uses. 
  • Travel friendly size for when you are on the go.
  • Free UK Delivery.


Directions for best results:

  1. Gently wipe with anti-fog cloth while blowing on the lens OR dampen lens with a few drops of water before using the cloth.
  2. Blow again and check the lens is not fogged up.
  3. If still fogged, repeat the process. 
  4. Tightly seal bag when storing after use.




Safety Tested 

Reach Test Passed

1pcs 8cmx8cm anti-fog cloth

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  • Anti-Fog
  • Transparent

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