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Helloface® are bringing you one of the UK’s first CE Marked transparent Medical Masks for use in medical settings. Designed in the UK, these lightweight, clear face masks are the Transparent Alternative to Type IIR masks.

Following our flagship clear plastic, transparent face shields, our newest transparent face covering is acoustic tested for great sound transmission. The best face coverings on the market for connection and protection in the workplace.

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Founded in 2020

The Helloface® Transparent Medical Mask is a revolutionary innovation aimed at protecting people, without breaking the channel of communication. It is tested to EN:14683 and certified to EN 166 7.3.2 resistance to fogging, according to the UK transparent medical face mask specification.

The Helloface® Transparent Medical Mask has been developed in the UK, with input from clinicians and people with hearing, learning and developmental challenges, and health and safety professionals, in order to facilitate effective communication, better lip reading and easier facial recognition.

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Medically backed

In clinical settings, the Helloface® Transparent Medical Mask is primarily intended to protect the patient from the wearer. The mask is CE/UKCA marked and is classified as a Class 1 medical device under Rule 1.

Available from January 2024 for wholesale only, please contact us below for enquiries.

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From Idea to Impact: The Story of Our Masks

'Transparent face masks are the future'

Simon Ward, Medical Device Safety Officer NHS, UK Network Chair 2021

Currently there are no other options for recyclable, reusable, transparent face masks with full facial recognition. Which is where Helloface® masks come in. Our solution is one of the UK's first 100% transparent, commercially produced medical face mask.

Our products

Protect yourself, protect others, protect the planet

At Helloface®, we are dedicated to providing sustainable and effective transparent face masks. We strive to prioritise not only the safety and well-being of individuals, but also the health of the planet. Our transparent masks allow for protected communication and also align with our company values of sustainability and overall well-being.

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'Your masks are head and shoulders above anything else we have seen'


Our multi award-winning transparent face masks have been widely adopted in medical settings, and we have received testimonials from healthcare professionals, patients, and family members alike. They have praised the clear communication and protection provided by our masks, as well as the sustainable materials used in their production. We are constantly working to improve our products and services to meet our clients' needs.

Our awards
  • Emma

    "Great mask, so good to be able to see the mouth and the first mask where my glasses haven't steamed up! My father who is hard of hearing relies on lip reading so this is perfect."

  • C Howes

    "Great mask. As a childminder I am finding this face covering ideal for using around the children, for their self care and on outings, as they can still see my facial expressions and it doesn’t make my glasses steam up."

  • S Howden

    "Doesn’t completely fog up which is fantastic for my clients with autism who need to see my expression and children hard of hearing who lip read. It’s been a great success. Easy to wash!"

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