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    Transparent face mask
    Barrier without a barrier,
    made in Britain

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    This product is protected with Biomaster silver antimicrobial technology, tested to ISO 22196:2011

The Helloface®  mask is fully transparent, enabling clear communication between
teachers and pupils so that all learning is inclusive.

The Helloface®  is fully transparent with added anti-fog features to facilitate the
communication barrier occurring between airline staff and customers. Nobody
wants their customers to feel unwelcomed onboard, say hello with a smile with The

Audiology tested for the deaf and hard-of-hearing, the Helloface®  allows staff to
clearly communicate with customers to avoid confusion and misunderstanding.
Added anti-fog features emphasise this by allowing customers to accurately lip-read
staff in loud atmospheres without the mask fogging up.

The Helloface®  is flexible with an adjustable strap which is easy to fasten and
adaptable to various head shapes and sizes. Fitted with comfortable airflow,

The Helloface®  allows for a pleasant experience while travelling on public
transport. With its anti-microbial additives within the material, save,

Reusable, recyclable and eco-friendly, the Helloface®  is easy to wash and reuse for
your next busy shift.

The Helloface®  provides a safe and comfortable solution to visit your loved ones
without a barrier between you. The fluid resistancy of the Helloface delivers safety and security by protecting the nose and mouth from large particle splashes while providing a comfortable form of shielding.

The Helloface®  is fully transparent enabling clear communication between teachers and their pupils. Expressing information and feelings are essential to learning, and the Helloface®  enables that.