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    Clear face mask
    Reusable Face Mask,
    Made in Britain

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    This product is protected with Biomaster silver antimicrobial technology, tested to ISO 22196:2011

This product is almost perfect. It is certainly anti-fog, it is comfortable to wear for short periods, it does not inhibit breathing in any way.


M Macdonald

These masks have been so helpful and made working life in Covid so much easier! They can fog up little when going from hot to cold environments but it’s manageable and quickly clears away. My makeup isn’t completely wiped off like it is with other masks, breathing is easy and unrestricted, and they don’t fog up my glasses when I wear them! High recommended especially if working in environments were quick communication is key.


Durable and robust the mask fits securely to the contours of the face whilst allowing you to breathe comfortably.

G Kirtley

Finally, I've found a mask which is clear and does not fog!! Every other mask I've tried, I have to take off my glasses and walk around not being able to see properly.

This mask is also brilliant as my kids can see my face, if we are in a shop, it's really difficult with little ones if they can't see your smiles and your facial expression.

It's much easier for me to communicate with them wearing this. I'm so glad I found it.


As a person who wears glasses I found these more comfortable to wear than a shield as they do not mist up your glasses. I also found that they protected around the nose and mouth from any spray from entering from underneath, while still providing plenty of ventilation. Would recommend.


I have family with hearing impairment. These masks are ideal to allow them to lip read and see facial expressions. They are a sturdy design, comfortable on my face and can be easily cleaned. Good quality product. 


I’m genuinely really happy with this product, I was specifically looking for a comfortable clear mask which was clear, so people could see me while I was walking to them especially my deaf colleague who is now able to lip read and even he was happy for me, also it doesn’t get me sweaty like the fabric ones which irritates me a lot.

S Jacobs

Bought this because it's very hard for deaf people to communicate effectively whilst wearing a mask which hides the mouth. This is the perfect solution and is lovely to see a smile too.

P and A Rosen

For someone like myself who is hard of hearing and struggling to communicate, it’s a life saver. I cannot thank you enough for helping me to get on with everyday life.

H Wilkinson

Very comfortable mask and love how transparent it is.

D Blue

This clear mask was exactly what I was looking for. It fits very well and is comfortable to use. I found even with long use it remained clear. Overall it does the job it’s designed for excellent fit for

R Rook

We are super pleased with this product. The masks are well made and fit great. Very comfortable to wear for long periods of time. I bought these as a trial and will 100% be ordering more.


Great mask, so good to be able to see the mouth and the first mask where my glasses haven't steamed up! My father who is hard of hearing relies on lip reading so this is perfect :)


Really impressed with the anti-fog properties of this product and its breathability. Highly recommended and super quick. Many thanks

J Cohen

Love it!! The mask is so easy to wear and is transparent which is exactly what I was looking for.

A Hecker

Love my Helloface masks. They fit great and are good quality, no steaming up, etc. The best thing is that my hearing-impaired girlfriend can understand what I’m saying when we’re in the supermarket!

E Kingston

Great mask. As a childminder I am finding this face covering ideal for using around the children, for their self care and on outings, as they can still see my facial expressions and it doesn’t make my glasses steam up.

C Howes

Doesn’t completely fog up which is fantastic for my clients with autism who need to see my expression and children hard pf hearing who lip read. It’s been a great success. Easy to wash!

S Howden