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Award-winning and patent-pending

Our masks have been designed to meet the specific needs and requirements of those working within the healthcare industry and beyond. This includes the NHS, private healthcare providers, care homes, dental, health and safety professionals, construction industry, manufacturing etc

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Wearing a compliant transparent face mask can save lives. In noisy environments, where communication is vital, lip reading and speaking can be the difference between life and death.


Fully compliant

We are committed to delivering fully compliant masks that meet stringent safety and compliance standards.

  • Our P3 mask has just been tested and has BSI approval - market ready by June 2023 (tested 99.95% filtration)
  • UKCA / CE marked
  • Our Transparent Medical Face Mask specification has met the requirements of EN:14683
  • Tested to EN 166 7.3.2 resistance to anti-fog
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