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Frequently Asked Questions

What is anti-fog?

Anti-fog is a technology that prevents the condensation of water which resembles fog. The technology works by migrating to the surface of the polymer where it helps to lower the surface tension and subsequently reduces water droplets allowed to condense on the surface. 

Our special formula anti-fog has low acute oral toxicity and does not cause irritation to eyes or skin.

The Helloface Transparent Medical Mask has certified anti-fog to EN:166.

Will I be able to wear my glasses with your masks?

Absolutely, we have specifically designed our masks with patent pending breathe technology, so you're able to wear glasses with your Transparent Medical Mask without them fogging up. 

Are HelloFace masks adjustable?

The Helloface Transparent Medical Mask is compact with soft and flexible ear loop straps. The small nodules allow the user to adjust the straps to comfortably fit their face shape. 
The thin ear loop straps also enable the user to wear securely wear hearing aids, glasses and other items of PPE.

Will HelloFace masks stay see-through when I talk and breathe?

Yes, each Helloface has pioneering anti-fog technology within the material itself.
The Transparent Medical Mask has certified anti-fog to EN:166

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