How do you put the straps on the Helloface Strapz?

Please see video below on how to put the straps on the Helloface Strapz mask.


How to use Anti Fog Spray?

You can rub in liquid soap to maintain transparency, but if you don't have liquid soap nearby, your Helloface transparent face mask comes with an anti-fog spray which has additive, specially formulated to sustain the material transparency.

These are the instructions for use: 

1. Spray on the material (use conservatively)

2. Wipe gently with soft cloth so the material is coated properly

3. Exhale on the material to check if it is not fogged up

4. If fogged up, repeat the process above

(WARNING: do not wipe too hard, as the anti fog effect may disappear)

Do not spray on eyes
Do not use on contact lenses
Keep out of reach of children


Are Helloface products tested?

The Helloface Clear Face Shield is a novel product where the niche it is trying to fill, isn't covered by current standards.

Therefore, to prove the claims of Helloface transparent face masks, methods were designed and performed at The National Physical Laboratory (NPL), the UK's national measurement institute. 

NPL designed bespoke tests, to quantify the performance in test methods similar to those found in PPE standards. We are very grateful that NPL were flexible in adapting their tests to our unique product. 

1. Bespoke test methods developed to replicate EN 149 8.9.3 Inhalation Resistance, minimum performance requirements (not identical).

2. Bespoke test methods developed to replicate ISO 22609 Liquid penetration resistance, bespoke tested comparable to Type IIR masks.
Please note, NPL is not a notified body.

The Helloface Type IIR Clear Face Mask is tested to EN14683. This is the European standard for medical face masks. The Type IIR transparent mask is tested for bacterial filtration efficiency, breathability and splash resistance.

How do I wear my Helloface?

There is no correct way to wear your Helloface. The Helloface has adjustable straps which allow the user to alter how they wear it; whether that be with the straps over their ears, under their ears, around their neck or higher up on their head.

Please see video below for examples of how to wear your Helloface.

How long can I wear my Helloface for?

You are able to wear your Helloface for as long as comfortable for you. The materials are non toxic and safe for extended periods of time against the skin. Helloface face coverings are not yet tested for exercising or moderate to heavy activities.

Condensation may build up depending on the ambient temperature and breathing rates. You can wipe this away in the lower channel without affecting the anti-fog.

The Helloface shouldn't be worn while sleeping or exercising. Face coverings should not be used by, or placed on, people with skin sensitivities, anyone who has trouble breathing or who is unconscious.

How can I get a free sample?

Purchase a Helloface and upload a selfie wearing it on Twitter or Instagram. Tag us at @TheHelloface and hashtag #TheHelloface for a chance to win a free pack for a charity of your choice. 

Can the Helloface be personalised?

Yes, they can! For personalisation such as a brand logo or colour, please contact us at sales@thehelloface.com.

Do you offer a discount on bulk orders?

Yes, we offer a discount for orders over 150+. Create an account here: https://thehelloface.com/account/login or contact sales@thehelloface.com to discuss your requirements.

Can I wear my Helloface outdoors?

If you intend to wear your Helloface Shield outdoors, we are finding that condensation can build up due to the cold weather, we are working on a way to avoid this. In the mean time, use a tissue to wipe away the condensation build up in the channel.

What is Anti Fog?

Anti-fog is a technology that prevents the condensation of water which resembles fog. The technology works by migrating to the surface of the polymer where it helps to lower the surface tension and subsequently reduces water droplets allowed to condense on the surface. 

The Helloface should be allowed to dry by evaporation. If water is wiped away the anti-fog technology will stop working.

Our special formula anti-fog has low acute oral toxicity and does not cause irritation to eyes or skin.

Where should I wear my Helloface mask?

Recommended according to government guidelines: In England you must wear a face covering in indoor settings. Please check your local government for guidelines in your area:
  • public transport / public transport (aeroplanes, trains, trams and buses)
  • transport hubs (airports, rail stations, bus stations)
  • shops and supermarkets (places which offer goods or services for retail sale or hire)
  • shopping centres (malls and indoor markets)
  • premises providing professional, legal or financial services (post offices, banks)
  • premises providing personal care and beauty treatments (hair salons, barbers, nail salons)
  • visitor attractions and entertainment venues (museums, galleries, cinemas, theatres, soft-play areas)
  • libraries and public reading rooms
  • places of worship
  • public areas in hotels and hostels

Please note, Helloface face covering have not been tested for prolonged outdoor use, we're working on this. 



Will I be able to wear my glasses with this face covering?

Absolutely, you are able to wear glasses with the Helloface without them fogging up.

I have a larger head, will the Helloface fit me?

You can wear your Helloface in any way that you want. The Helloface has flexible straps with 12 studs which can be adjusted to comfort. The great thing about this face covering is the way the straps can be placed anywhere on your head, dependent on your own comfort; this can be over your ears, above your ears or higher on your head.

How do I clean the Helloface Clear Face Shield?

The Helloface transparent face shield has 99.99% anti-microbial additive within the material effective for the lifetime of the product, so you may not want to wash it. However if you do want to wash your Helloface, please follow the steps in this video.

Rub liquid soap into the inside of the covering and leave the soap to dry. Do not wipe it dry as this will interfere with the anti-fog technology. 

Please see this video:

Will the Helloface stay see-through when I talk and breathe?

Yes, each Helloface has pioneering, migratory anti-fog technology within the material itself. It's not permanent but we're constantly testing and improving to ensure minimum fogging will occur, keeping the face covering completely transparent.
Wiping the covering can temporarily remove the anti-fog effect and we are working on more permanent technology. Washing many times, soaking or machine washing can remove the anti-fog effect completely. If fogging does occur, please see video below.

Can the Helloface face masks be recycled?

Yes, they can. The Helloface clear shield is made from polypropylene, a recyclable plastic. You may need to check with your local authority to see where you can recycle this product.


The Helloface Type IIR face mask is made from a softer, transparent plastic, TPE. This can also be recycled, therefore conforming to the sustainable values of the Helloface brand.

Are the Helloface masks breathable?

Yes. The Helloface clear face shield has three airflow channels enabling great breathability.

Where is the Helloface made?

The Helloface is designed, manufactured and packaged in the UK. We are a certified Made in Britain company.


Can I lip read through this face shield?

Yes, you can! The Helloface clear shield is completely transparent allowing for lipreading and other facial expressions to be understood, as well as clear facial recognition.