Environmental Policy

Mission Statement

The Helloface mission is to become net zero by 2030. A core value of the business is to preserve the environment. As we manufacture our innovative products, we will proactively demonstrate our commitment and social responsibility to protect the environment. 

Helloface are committed to the achievement of outstanding environmental performance. We strive for sustainability in all areas of the business as a designer and manufacturer.



We recognise that we have a social responsibility. We will manage our environmental impact by committing to the below points. We will work with our partners to adhere to the Helloface mission of becoming net zero by 2030. 

Through implementation of this Environmental Policy, Helloface will act as a leader of sustainable innovation in the hopes of inspiring other businesses to follow. All employees have a responsibility to ensure that all objectives of this Environmental Policy are met.



We will: 

  • Continually improve our environmental performance by tracking and monitoring our progress against our objectives.

  • Implement effective waste-prevention and recycling regimes to ensure a sustainable product lifecycle and prevent pollution to the external environment.

  • Ensure all employees are equipped with the knowledge and tools required to meet the targets of this policy.

  • Comply with requirements such as environmental laws and regulations.

  • Promote environmental responsibility through a sustainable supply chain, striving to obtain the eco-friendliest lifecycle of products from sourcing to disposal.

  • Conserve water, energy and other resources by reducing consumption, endorsing efficient practices and eliminating waste.

  • Minimise the use of paper in the office by reusing and recycling where possible, and sourcing recyclable paper products.

  • Reduce the need to travel by promoting virtual replacements such as hosting online meetings. If travel is necessary, we will make an effort to favour ‘green’ alternatives such as cycling or using public transport.

  • Work with our supply chain to improve their environmental performance and encourage high eco-friendly standards.

  • Remain mindful of the impacts of climate change throughout the manufacturing and producing process of our products.

  • Maintain continuous improvement on our journey to net zero and remain focussed by reviewing our strategies and policies.

  • Make this environmental policy openly available to keep the public informed of our environmental performance.