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P3 Protect (opaque)

P3 Protect (opaque)

Our award-winning P3 mask is reusable, recyclable and provides 99.95% filtration.

The P3 Protect mask has been specifically designed for use in medical, health and safety, manufacturing, industrial and construction environments. 

This provides both the wearer and others around them with protection against particulates such as bacteria, dust and aerosols, thereby protecting against airborne particles.

The Helloface P3 Protect mask is equipped with high-quality filters offering extremely
high breathability alongside inhalation and exhalation filter efficiencies. This feature
helps to ensuring the safety of the wearer.

An ideal choice for anyone working in the above industries due to its unique design features. It also ensures that medical staff are safe while carrying out their duties, medical staff and others working in high-risk environments, seeking reusable and recyclable, respiratory protection.

The transparent material range offers, anti-fog technology, enabling clear, certified
communication between the wearer and others around them. 

The Protect mask has a simple decontamination procedure. It can be easily
cleaned with readily available decontamination products, making it effortless to
maintain and reducing the risk of contamination.

The HelloFace P3 Protect mask is reusable facepiece with separable filters that are
detachable for replacement in accordance with the classification and manufacturer’s

There are two classifications FM P3 NR & FM P3 NR D. They are identical
in build with the exception that the FM P3 NR D is not fitted with an exhalation filter.

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  • Reusable (washable), with filtered exhalation (exclusive)
  • All parts are recyclable
  • Built with anti-fog material
  • Available in a range of sizes - small, medium and large
  • Adjustable head straps for comfort
  • Enables full facial recognition

Key specifications

  • SBRI “Face Mask Challenge” winner for NHS Wales
  • BSI approval (expected February 2023) tested 99.95% filtration
  • Breathable, award-winning innovative design (DIA22)


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Care instructions

Washable during its lifespan, then recyclable in full.

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