CE Marked Transparent Medical Face Mask

After many months of research, trialling and updates, we are extremely proud and excited to announce that our Transparent Medical Face Mask is CE/UKCA marked. 

Widely known as a transparent alternative to Type IIR face masks, the Helloface Transparent Medical Face Mask has achieved CE/UKCA marking against the new specification.

As well as passing the pre-compliance testing, the clear face mask material also has anti-microbial elements and certified anti-fog.

With improved clarity and flexibility, the design enables the user to wear the mask for long periods of time and others to clearly identify emotions and visual information.

This innovative product breaks the boundaries of transparent face masks by becoming one of the first of its kind to achieve CE/UKCA marking.


clear face mask


“With the CE Mark, we are thrilled to be able to offer our Transparent Medical Face Mask across the UK and EU to hospitals, dentists, GPs and whoever will benefit from the unique transparency of the product”.

“Gaining the CE Mark is the result of our continual determination to design and manufacture a scalable, safe and effective face mask that will benefit medical professionals, care workers and those in the hospitality, tourism and construction workforce with transparent protection” says Dean Ezekiel, Director. 

Our innovative face mask enables full facial recognition in order to avoid miscommunication errors that many have experienced when wearing an opaque face mask.

In addition, the sustainable materials used are recyclable and therefore do not add to the growing PPE wastage, providing an environmentally friendly alternative to masks currently available.

To find out more about our CE marked Transparent Medical Face Mask, you can get in touch with us on 0203 905 1888 or send us an email to sales@thehelloface.com.

Alternatively, transparent medical face masks are able to buy direct on Indiegogo via the link below. This is your only chance to get your hands on a Helloface mask before they are available in wholesale only. For a limited time only, until January 10th 2022!


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