P3 Mask EN 1827 and EN 166 update

The Helloface clear P3 face mask has passed pre-compliance EN 1827 tests and is now in the final stages of going to production, followed by testing with a notified body and certification. Additionally, the P3 mask is also now certified to EN 166 7.2.3 resistance to anti fog. 

P3 masks are the highest level of PPE face mask protection on the market. Reducing waste while simultaneously increasing safety, comfort and transparency represents the Helloface brand to the core. Our transparent, P3 face mask is aimed at protecting the wellbeing of medical professionals, healthcare staff, construction employees and the transportation workforce. With an added unique element of transparency, the tests of the Helloface P3 mask took place at The Research Centre in Topical Drug Delivery and Toxicology (TDDT).


Nurse wearing a transparent face mask


The reusable transparent mask, made from a soft, hypoallergic, antimicrobial material, enables full facial recognition and the ability to lipread; perfect for communicating seamlessly while remaining safe.

Optimised to allow the fit of dental/surgical loupes and glasses, the Helloface P3 mask is designed for maximum comfort and protection during long shifts. Available in three adult sizes, fitting smaller and larger faces, fit testing and consulting has been carried out by dentists and NHS trusts.

With 99.99% filtration at 0.3 microns, the mask seals to the face for the highest level of protection. We are additionally working on an exclusive safety element which will be revealed very soon.

Acoustics of the mask have been tested and are comparable to leading P3 face masks, with the advantage of being able to read lip movements and see facial expressions.

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