Transparent P3 Face Mask Update

At the Helloface HQ, we have been busy working on producing two market leading, transparent face masks. Improving elements of the Helloface P3 mask for the benefit of the end user has been our top priority.

Our transparent, P3 face mask is aimed at protecting the wellbeing medical professionals, healthcare staff, construction employees and the transportation workforce. With 99.95% filtration and <3% leakage, the left and right hand filter sizes have been reduced by 30% for better comfort and sight of the mouth area.


Nurse wearing a transparent p3 face mask

Optimised to allow the fit of dental/surgical loupes and glasses, the Helloface P3 mask is designed for maximum comfort and protection during long shifts. Available in three adult sizes, fitting smaller and larger faces, fit testing and consulting has been carried out with Professor Eder, dentists and NHS trusts.

Acoustic tested to ensure great sound quality, the speech intelligibility indexed is comparable to leading P3 masks available on the market. What makes the Helloface P3 mask so special is the unique element of transparency, allowing full facial recognition and the distinctive ability to lipread.Dentist wearing transparent p3 face mask

Bayonet features have been added to the mask for the ease of cleaning of the face mask assembly. The reusability of the mask presents a sustainable, cost effective form of protection, providing great value for money.

Reducing waste while simultaneously increasing safety, comfort and transparency represents the Helloface brand to the core. Subject to successful testing of the mask with the upgraded filter, we will soon be moving into tooling manufacture before gaining approved body certification.

To be involved in an exclusive, socially distanced and risk assessed, focus group for research purposes, contact us on 0203 905 1888 or email

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